WOOCS 2.1.6

As every good story, SPEQ’s story begins with a football match. Our colleagues Rob Muller and Jarno Otter were losing more and more matches. There had to be a reason for this! After a while the men concluded that the balls were very often either too hard or too soft. During extra time the first sketch for a ball pump was already on the table and it was a fact: the fully automatic RobOttpomp was born!

In 2012, these two young entrepreneurs won the Innovation Prize awarded by Hardenberg municipal council and continued to focus on developing new products and innovations. For the company to reach its full potential, collaboration was sought with entrepreneurs Henk and Maurin Kieft . The RobOttpomp became the TarQa and the company got a new name. And under the name SPEQ Innovations, their new goal together is to conquer the world of sport.

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