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Fumpa Pump

Fast, easy and accurate inflate your bicycle tires with the Fumpa pump. New in the Benelux!

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Fumpa Pump

Fast, easy and accurate inflate your tires with the new electric Fumpa Pump.

The Fumpa Pump is unique and makes the use of the hand pump and CO2 cartridges unnecessary!

Size: 42x73x87 mm
Weight: 380 gram
Inflates 6 tyres on a single charge
Accurate digital pressure gauge
Accepts Presta and Schrader valves
120psi max pressure
0-100psi: 20-25 seconds (700x23c tyre)
USB rechargeable
Digital readout: selectable between psi, kPa and Bar units. 3% accuracy

miniFumpa Pump

Fast and easily inflate your tires. With its weight of 190 grams ideal to take along for use on the go.

Size: 32x56x68mm
Weight: 190 grams
Inflates 2 tyres on a single charge
Accepts Presta valves only
120psi max pressure
0-100psi: 40-50 seconds (700x23c tyre)
Fits in your jersey pocket
USB rechargeable


New in Benelux!

Inflate bicycle tires with the Fumpa Pump with an accuracy of 0.1 bar. Pump can be set to Bar, PSI and kPa.
The miniFumpa is easy to take with you, so you can pump your tires along the way.
Also available: Saddle bag to take the Fumpa Pump with you
How to use your Fumpa Pump?
How to use your miniFumpa Pump?
Inflating a racing bike tire!
Inflating an MTB tire!
Inflating an BMX tire!
Inflating an dirt bike tire!
Inflating your car tire!
Fumpa Pump Mini Fumpa Pump
Price Price  159.50 incl. VATPrice 119.50 incl. VAT
Size Size42 x 73 x 87mmSize32 x 56 x 68 mm
Weight Weight380 gramWeight190 gram
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Inflate your tires with an accuracy of 0.1 Bar
Both the Fumpa and miniFumpa are also suitable for inflating footballs, basketballs, etc.!
miniFumpa, easy to take with you!