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Open Goaaal!

The ultimate garden football trainer. Shoot hard, Rebound. Shoot Hard, Rebound... "They think it's gone over!!...It hasn't now. " Open Goaaal bounces the ball back so you can keep playing football

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Never again searching for the ball

The Open Goal Football Rebounder stops shots that over or near the goal. Never pick up the ball again and never play safe again! The elastic system bounces the ball back, making the Open Goaaal the ideal football trainer at home. Never again the ball in the garden of your neighbors!

Two sizes

The Open Goal Football Rebounder is available in two sizes to suit the available space. Standard: 2.0 meters deep and the net min. 5.3 to max. 8.3 meters wide. Large: 2.3 meters deep and the net min. 8.5 to max. 10.5 meters wide. For more information about the dimensions, view the specific product pages.

what do you get delivered?

With the purchase of the Open Goaaal you get a complete package. Steel poles, fasteners etc. everything is delivered! You can read step by step how to build the Open Goaaal in the included manual.

improve your football skills

The Open Goaaal is perfect to use at home to train. Improve your football skills! Just play football for hours!


Will it fit your garden?

The Open Goaaal can be adjusted to the available space in your garden. On the pictures below you can see how the standard format of the Open Goaaal has been adjusted to different widths. Do you doubt whether the Open Goal fits into your garden? Click below on discover it!

This is the maximum width of the Open Goal Standard: about 2 meters just on both sides of the goal
This is the narrowest width: about 0.5 meters just on both sides of the goal.
On this photo you see about 1 meter just on both sides of the goal
Will it fit your garden? Discover it! >
Watch how you can use Open Goaaal for training in your own garden!
Watch how to slide the Open Goal aside
Open Goaaal Standard Open Goaaal Large
Price Price  169.00 incl. VATPrice 189.00 incl. VAT
Width Goal Width Goal2,70 mWidth Goal4,90 m
Height Goal Height Goal1,60 mHeight Goal2,15 m
Height Total Open Goaaal Height Total Open Goaaal3,00 mHeight Total Open Goaaal3,00 m
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Open Goaaal blocks the ball, but not the sight
Open Goaaal is also suitable for narrow gardens
Open Goaaal protects the flowers
Open Goaaal is easy to slide aside
The Open Goal is easy to slide aside
... or up.
Almost invisible when slided aside