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just the right ball pressure quickly and simply with our automatic ball pump

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The TarQa works with an accuracy of 0.01 bar, resulting in every ball having the same pressure. So no more balls being too hard or too soft.


You hear a signal when the ball has reached the required pressure and you can immediately proceed with the next ball. The TarQa saves the last pressure level set.


The TarQa only has two buttons for operation, which makes it extremely easy to use. Just set the required pressure and the TarQa will do the rest!



The TarQa is made of high-quality components in a durable housing. A specially developed stainless-steel needle is supplied with the TarQa.

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After delivery, you can try out the TarQa without obligation for two weeks. Not satisfied? On returning the product, we will refund your money.

TarQa 1000 TarQa 2000
Price Price  470.00 incl. VATPrice 585.00 incl. VAT
Model Model StationaryModelPortable
Size Size 23 x 14 x 8 cmSize21 x 14 x 13 cm
Including hose and stainless steel needle Including hose and stainless steel needle Including hose and stainless steel needle
Mains connection Mains connection 230V̴ , 50/60Hz, 50WMains connection230V̴ , 50/60Hz, 50W
Compressed air connection Compressed air connection 3 - 10 barCompressed air connectionnot applicable
Automatic standby mode Automatic standby mode Automatic standby mode
Capacity Capacity suitable for a series of deflated balls and for topping up pressureCapacityparticularly suitable for topping up pressure
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  • Flevo Boys football club

    "The TarQa is a compact device, user friendly and simple to use. Its compactness means it does not take up a lot of space. Pre-setting the air pressure leads to a constant and more accurate ball pressure."

  • University of Groningen

    "There is an extremely high level of satisfaction among users of the pump! Highly recommended."

  • Nooit Gedacht football club

    "The staff and trainers find it a simple and efficient way to inflate the balls back to the right pressure. Especially if you, like us, work with ball carts because you don't have to first haul the balls out of the cart. Neither do you need to first bounce the ball to check the pressure."

  • VV Hoogland football club

    "We are extremely satisfied with the TarQa 2000. This is what our first team had to say: Now all the balls have the same hardness, so there is absolutely no difference between the balls. This team also trains with the same ball used in matches, so use is now optimal. By simply setting the required pressure there is no longer any difference in pressure. It's just like child's play."

  • Terschuurse Boys football club

    "We are very satisfied with the pump. Everyone is positive about it."

  • BVCB football club

    "A professional device at last, which not many clubs have!"

  • VV Katwijk football club

    "We are so happy with the TarQa 2000 that we have decided to buy a second one."

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