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About SPEQ 

About SPEQ Innovations The best ideas often arise from frustrations. How can we make things a little easier by removing the frustration? Indirectly, SPEQ Innovations also arose from such frustration. Rob Muller and Jarno Otter increasingly became frustrated over different ball pressures at training sessions or matches. One ball would be too soft, another ball too hard. It is also frustrating when balls keep disappearing to the side during training because they are too hard or too soft. With their technical background, Rob and Jarno decided to come up with something to fix this. This is how the RobOttpomp was born. It's a ball pump that can quickly get all balls at the same and desired pressure with an accuracy of 0.01 bar. It turned out to be a game changer. The clubs that used the pump were extremely enthusiastic and could no longer live without it. In 2012, they even won the Innovation Prize of the Year in the municipality of Hardenberg. 

The Creation of SPEQ Innovations 

In order to scale up, they sought to work together with Henk Kieft and Maurin Kieft. In 2014, the company of SPEQ Innovations was founded here. SPEQ stands for Sports, Performances and Quality, and focuses on innovations that can make a difference in the sports world. We want to get the most out of sport, because its the details that decide the match! In 2015, the RobOttpump was further developed into the TarQa 1000 Ball Pump. A second version, the TarQa 2000, was also developed. The TarQa Ball Pump spread through Dutch amateur football like wildfire. It was also introduced outside of the Netherlands. Big clubs like Southampton and Arsenal also showed an interest, and trips to Britain soon followed.

SPEQ Start-Up Business of the Year 

The success within Europe did not go unnoticed. In 2016, SPEQ Innovations was elected Start-Up Business of the Year in the Municipality of Hardenberg/Ommen. Over the following years, many large clubs and amateur associations followed. You won't see many stadiums at the highest levels of European football without a TarQa Ball Pump. National associations such as the Nevobo also switched to the TarQa Automatic Ball Pump, since the pump can be applied to a variety of ball sports. In 2018, the SPEQ Football Goal was added to the product range. This was yet another unique product new to the market: a football goal, safety net and rebound trainer in one. In 2024, the pump from SPEQ Innovations was in 13 countries, and more than 1700 clubs have already switched to the pump. The pump is still made at the Masévon Group in Hardenberg.