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TarQa 1000 - Electric Ball Pump

The TarQa 1000 Electric Ball Pump is the model that requires connection to an external compressor, making it more powerful than the TarQa 2000. The user sets the pressure and inserts the needle into the ball. The TarQa does the rest. It automatically switches between pumping or venting.
  • Version: Wall-mounted
  • Connection to compressor/ compressed air: 3-10 bar
  • Dimensions: 23 x 14 x 8 cm
  • Supplied with a hose and a specially developed stainless steel needle
  • Connection to the mains: 230V, 50/60Hz, 50W
  • Also suitable for large series of empty balls
  • Suitable for various ball sports, such as football, volleyball, basketball!


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Plug- and-Play!
Plug- and-Play!
The TarQa 1000 can be easily connected to the external compressor and subsequently attached to the wall. The TarQa can start functioning within five minutes. The appropriate screws, plugs, drilling template and instructions are included!
Just set the pressure and start pumping!
Just set the pressure and start pumping!
The plus and minus buttons can be used to set the desired pressure. Then, the TarQa switches to pumping or venting by itself. The pump will give a notification and stop once the desired pressure is reached. Quickly pump all the balls to the desired pressure!
Automatic sleep mode!
Automatic sleep mode!
When the user has finished pumping, the TarQa will switch to the automatic sleep mode after 30 seconds. The next user only has to insert the needle back into the ball, after which the pump will recommence its operation. Remember the last pressure level set!
No more broken needles!
No more broken needles!
We all know about the frustration over broken or missing needles. We'll bet you have plenty of broken needles lying around the ball pen. With the specially developed TarQa needle, this is a thing of the past!
Loose Air Hose + Needle Connection


TarQa Stainless Steel Needle


TarQa 2000 - Electric Ball Pump
Automatic Ball Pump
  • Version: Portable and wall-mountable
  • With a built-in compressor!
  • Dimensions: 21 x 14 x 13 cm


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